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GNU Manuals Online

This table lists official GNU packages with links to their primary documentation, where available. When a package has several associated manuals, they are all listed. If a package has no specific manual online, the link just goes to the package's home page (which is also linked to explicitly).

Many packages could be listed in any of several categories, but for the table here just one has to be chosen, usually following the Free Software Directory.

Bug reports: for any discussion about specific manuals, please contact the package maintainers. For discussion about this page in particular (for example, if you are a GNU maintainer and want to correct or discuss your entry), contact <maintainers@gnu.org>.

More GNU Project documentation.

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* Cpio Manage cpio and tar file archives. [cpio home]
* Gzip General file (de)compression (using lzw). [gzip home]
* Paxutils Manage cpio, tar, and pax file archives. [paxutils home]
* Sharutils Archives in shell scripts, uuencode/uudecode. [sharutils home]
* Tar Managing tar archives. [tar home]
* Xorriso Create, manipulate, burn ISO-9660 filesystems. [xorriso home]
* Ccd2cue CCD to CUE sheet conversion. [ccd2cue home]
* EMMS Emacs Multimedia System. [emms home]
* Gmediaserver UPnP compatible media server. [gmediaserver home]
* GNUfm Social music explorations. [gnufm home]
* GNUmp3d Server for streaming audio files. [gnump3d home]
* GNUpod Manage portable audio device. [gnupod home]
* Radio Software radio implementations. [gnuradio home]
* GNUsound Multi-track sound editor for GNOME. [gnusound home]
* Guile-SDL Guile interface for SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer). [guile-sdl home]
* Libcdio (cd-text) CD Input and Control library. [libcdio home]
* Libextractor Library to extract meta-data from media files. [libextractor home]
* Speex Library for patent-free audio compression format. [speex home]
* Xhippo Generic playlist manager program. [xhippo home]
Business and productivity
* Barcode Convert text strings to printed bars in various standards. [barcode home]
* BPEL2oWFN Translating web service in BPEL to Open Workflow Nets. [bpel2owfn home]
* Gcal Calculating and printing a wide variety of calendars. [gcal home]
* GnuCash Personal and small business financial accounting software. [gnucash home]
* GNU Enterprise Enterprise resource planning, et al. [gnue home]
* Gretl Statistical analysis of economic data (econometrics). [gretl home]
* Pem Personal expenses manager. [pem home]
* Taler Electronic payments for a liberal society. [taler home]
* Ferret Entity/relationship based data modeler. [ferret home]
* Gdbm Hash library of database functions compatible with traditional dbm. [gdbm home]
* Guile-dbi Guile database abstraction layer. [guile-dbi home]
* Gurgle GNU Report Generator Language. [gurgle home]
* Libdbh Advanced library for disk-based hash tables. [libdbh home]
* Metaexchange Manipulate metadata from OAI-PMH and Z39.50. [metaexchange home]
* Recutils Manipulate plain text files as databases. [recutils home]
* Sqltutor Interactively learn SQL by example. [sqltutor home]
* Dico Implementation of DICT server (RFC 2229). [dico home]
* Gcide GNU Collaborative International Dictionary of English. [gcide home]
* Vera List of acronyms. [vera home]
Documentation translation
* GNUjdoc Japanese translations of GNU documents. [gnujdoc home]
* GNUnited Nations (gnun web-trans) Build system for www.gnu.org translations. [gnun home]
* Trans-coord Organizational infrastructure for translating www.gnu.org. [trans-coord home]
* Emacs (ada-mode autotype ccmode cl dired-x ebrowse ediff eieio elisp emacs epa erc eshell flymake gnus idlwave message mh-e nxml-mode org pcl-cvs rcirc semantic smtp speedbar tramp vip viper woman) The extensible, customizable, self-documenting text editor.
Available in print: Emacs Reference Cards, GNU Emacs Manual. [emacs home]
* Moe Modeless, multiple-buffer, user-friendly 8-bit text editor. [moe home]
* Nano Small, user-friendly console text editor. [nano home]
* Readline (history rluserman) Edit command lines while typing, with history support. [readline home]
* Zile Zile is lossy Emacs, a lightweight Emacs clone. [zile home]
* Dr. Geo Interactive geometry software. [dr-geo home]
* Eprints Web-based repository software, with a default setup for research papers. [eprints home]
* FisicaLab Educational application for solving physics problems. [fisicalab home]
* GCompris Educational games for small children. [gcompris home]
* Ggradebook GNOME application to track students' grades for teachers. [ggradebook home]
* Glean extensible quizzing and tutorial for self-study. [glean home]
* GNUschool Web application for educators, students, and school administrators. [gnuschool home]
* Gtypist Typing tutor. [gtypist home]
* Ignuit Memorization aid based on Leitner flashcards. [ignuit home]
* MIX Development Kit Virtual development environment for Knuth's MIX.
Available in print: GNU MDK. [mdk home]
* Anubis SMTP message submission daemon. [anubis home]
* GNUbiff Mail notification program. [gnubiff home]
* Mailman Mailing list manager. [mailman home]
* Mailutils Utilities and library for reading and serving mail. [mailutils home]
* Fontutils Scanned image, bitmap, outline font manipulation. [fontutils home]
* Free UCS Outline Fonts Unicode-encoded outline fonts. [freefont home]
* Intlfonts TrueType and BDF fonts covering many scripts. [intlfonts home]
* Unifont Large bitmap font covering Unicode's Basic Multilingual Plane. [unifont home]
GNU organization
* GNU organization (maintain standards) GNU coding standards and maintainer information. [gnustandards home]
* Acm Multiplayer aerial combat simulation. [acm home]
* Ball and Paddle Ball and paddle game extensible with Guile. [ballandpaddle home]
* Chess Full chess implementation. [chess home]
* Dominion Multi-player world simulation and role-playing game. [dominion home]
* FreeDink Twisted adventures of young pig farmer Dink Smallwood. [freedink home]
* Backgammon Backgammon game. [gnubg home]
* GNUbik 3d Rubik's cube game. [gnubik home]
* GNUgo Play the game of Go. [gnugo home]
* GNUjump Game of jumping to the next floor, trying not to fall. [gnujump home]
* GNUkart Racing game. [gnukart home]
* Robots Program a little robot and watch him explore a world. [gnurobots home]
* GNUshogi The game of Shogi (Japanese chess). [gnushogi home]
* Leg Libraries and engines for game programming. [leg home]
* Liquid War 6 Multiplayer wargame where your army is a blob of liquid. [liquidwar6 home]
* Motti Multiplayer strategy game. [motti home]
* Rpge Role playing game engine. [rpge home]
* Talkfilters Convert English text to humorous dialects. [talkfilters home]
* XBoard Graphical user interface for chess programs. [xboard home]
* 3DLDF 3D drawing with MetaPost output. [3dldf home]
* Dia Diagram creation for GNOME. [dia home]
* GIFT GNU Image Finding Tool, with query by example. [gift home]
* GIMP GNU Image Manipulation Program. [gimp home]
* Gpaint Simple paint program for GNOME. [gpaint home]
* Gsegrafix GNOME application to create scientific and engineering plots. [gsegrafix home]
* Guile-opengl Guile binding for the OpenGL graphics API. [guile-opengl home]
* Libxmi Library for rasterizing 2-d vector graphics. [libxmi home]
* Maverik Support interactive 3d virtual environments. [maverik home]
* Panorama Framework for 3D graphics production. [panorama home]
* Plotutils Plotting utilities and library. [plotutils home]
* XaoS Real-time fractal zoomer. [xaos home]
* GNUmed Paperless medical practice. [gnumed home]
* GNUtrition Nutrition analysis. [gnutrition home]
* Health Health and hospital information system. [health home]
* GNOME The GNU desktop environment. [gnome home]
* GnuDOS MS-DOS-like file manager, editor, and other tools. [gnudos home]
* GNU Interactive Tools Interactive utilities for file browsing, viewing, and more. [gnuit home]
* GNUspeech Extensible rule-based text-to-speech. [gnuspeech home]
* GTK+ Cross-platform toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces. [gtk+ home]
* Guile-ncurses Guile bindings to ncurses. [guile-ncurses home]
* Gxmessage Open popup message window with buttons for return. [gxmessage home]
* Inklingreader Wacom Inkling sketch format conversion and manipulation. [inklingreader home]
* Midnight Commander Graphical file manager. [mc home]
* Ncurses Terminal emulation (termcap, terminfo) library. [ncurses home]
* Phantom.Home Computer-controlled home automation. [phantom_home home]
* PowerGuru Monitoring, logging, and remote control of power generation. [powerguru home]
* Remotecontrol Management of IP-enabled thermostats and other HVAC devices. [remotecontrol home]
* Stalkerfs Desktop search engine for local files, using FUSE. [stalkerfs home]
* Termcap Terminal-independent display support. [termcap home]
* Termutils The tput and tabs utilities for terminal operations. [termutils home]
* TRAMP Transparent Remote Access, Multiple Protocol GNU Emacs package. [tramp home]
Internet applications
* Alive Autologin and keep-alive daemon. [alive home]
* Artanis Web application framework written in Guile. [artanis home]
* Consensus Coordinate free software social networking projects. [consensus home]
* Freetalk Extensible console-based Jabber client. [freetalk home]
* Gratuitous ARP Daemon Broadcast gratuitous ARP requests for IPMI and more. [garpd home]
* Gnash Flash movie player. [gnash home]
* GNUnet Secure, decentralized, peer-to-peer networking framework. [gnunet home]
* GNUzilla Entirely free browser derived from Mozilla Firefox. [gnuzilla home]
* Httptunnel Bidirectional connection tunnelled inside HTTP requests. [httptunnel home]
* Icecat Entirely free browser derived from Mozilla Firefox. [icecat home]
* Inetutils Basic networking utilities. [inetutils home]
* Jwhois An extended whois client. [jwhois home]
* Librejs Browser add-on that blocks nonfree nontrivial JavaScript. [librejs home]
* Lrzsz Implementation of XMODEM/YMODEM/ZMODEM transfer protocols. [lrzsz home]
* MAC Changer Viewing and manipulating MAC addresses of network interfaces. [macchanger home]
* Mediagoblin Photo and media sharing. [mediagoblin home]
* Network Initiative to encourage development of free network services. [network home]
* Pipo Bulletin board system. [pipo home]
* Proxyknife Customizable multithread proxy hunter. [proxyknife home]
* Shishi Implementation of the Kerberos 5 network security system. [shishi home]
* Social Decentralized social networking server. [social home]
* Stump Secure team-based Usenet moderation program. [stump home]
* Websocket4j WebSocket protocol implementation for Java-HTML5 communication. [websocket4j home]
* WebSTUMP Web interface to STUMP. [webstump home]
* Wget Non-interactive command-line utility for downloading files. [wget home]
* FriBiDi Implementation of the Unicode bidirectional algorithm. [fribidi home]
* Gettext Tools and documentation for translation. [gettext home]
* Aris Natural deduction first-order logic interface. [aris home]
* Bc Arbitrary precision numeric processing language. [bc home]
* C-graph Visualizing and demonstrating convolution. [c-graph home]
* Dap Statistics and graphics package. [dap home]
* Datamash Scriptable statistics and data calculation. [datamash home]
* Dc Arbitrary precision numeric processing with reverse-polish notation. [dc home]
* GMP Multiple-precision arithmetic library. [gmp home]
* GNU Scientific Library Numerical library for C and C++. [gsl home]
* JACAL Symbolic mathematics system. [jacal home]
* Libmatheval Library for evaluating symbolic expressions. [libmatheval home]
* MCSim Monte Carlo simulation and analysis. [mcsim home]
* Mpc C library for arbitrary precision complex arithmetic. [mpc home]
* Mpfr C library for arbitrary precision floating-point arithmetic. [mpfr home]
* Mpria C library for arbitrary precision rational arithmetic. [mpria home]
* Octave High-level language for numerical computation. [octave home]
* PSPP Statistical analysis. [pspp home]
* R Environment for statistical computing and graphics. [r home]
* Cursynth Polyphonic and MIDI subtractive music synthesizer using curses. [cursynth home]
* Denemo Graphical music notation, front-end to GNU Lilypond. [denemo home]
* GTick Customizable metronome application. [gtick home]
* Lilypond Music typesetting. [lilypond home]
* Psychosynth Interactive software synthesizer. [psychosynth home]
* Solfege Ear training. [solfege home]
* a2ps Any file to PostScript, including pretty-printing. [a2ps home]
* Enscript Generating PostScript, including pretty-printing. [enscript home]
* GNU Ghostscript PostScript and PDF interpreter. [ghostscript home]
* GNUspool Spooling system with a variety of interfaces. [gnuspool home]
* Gv PostScript and PDF viewer using Ghostscript as a back-end. [gv home]
* Hp2xx Convert HP-GL format graphics to other vector and bitmap formats. [hp2xx home]
* Pdf Library and programs for manipulating PDF. [pdf home]
* Trueprint Pretty-print C sources and other plain text to PostScript. [trueprint home]
* Archimedes Semiconductor device simulator. [archimedes home]
* Dionysus Local search for universal constants and scientific values. [dionysus home]
* Electric Electrical CAD system. [electric home]
* Gama Adjustment of geodetic networks. [gama home]
* GnuAE Designing alternate energy systems. [gnuae home]
* Gnuastro Astronomy utilities. [gnuastro home]
* GNUcap Mixed analog and digital circuit simulator. [gnucap home]
* Goptical C++ optical design and simulation library. [goptical home]
* Libredwg C library to handle DWG (CAD-related) files. [libredwg home]
* Lims Scientific laboratory information management system. [lims home]
* Melting Temperature computations for a nucleic acid duplex. [melting home]
* Nano-archimedes Simulation of quantum systems using the Wigner Monte Carlo method. [nano-archimedes home]
* Pcb Design printed circuit board layouts. [pcb home]
* Polyxmass Mass spectrometric data simulations and analyses. [polyxmass home]
* SpaceChart Stargazing in 3D under GNOME. [spacechart home]
* Units Conversion between thousands of scales. [units home]
* Crypto Cryptographic primitives and tools for Java programming. [gnu-crypto home]
* GNU-pw-mgr Retrieve login credentials without recording passwords. [gnu-pw-mgr home]
* GnuPG (assuan dirmngr gcrypt libgcrypt gnupg gpgme ksba) GNU Privacy Guard. [gnupg home]
* GVPE Secure VPN among multiple nodes over an untrusted network. [gvpe home]
* Libtasn1 ASN.1 library. [libtasn1 home]
* Lsh GNU implementation of the Secure Shell (ssh) protocols. [lsh home]
* Nettle C library for low-level cryptographic functionality. [nettle home]
* Radius Authentication and accounting services and daemon. [radius home]
* Userv Daemon to control service access. [userv home]
Software development
* APL APL interpreter. [apl home]
* Autoconf Create source code configuration scripts. [autoconf home]
* Autoconf-archive Collection of freely reusable Autoconf macros. [autoconf-archive home]
* Autogen Automated program generator. [autogen home]
* Automake Making GNU standards-compliant Makefiles. [automake home]
* Bash The GNU Bourne-Again SHell. [bash home]
* Binutils (as bfd binutils gprof ld) Binary utilities: bfd gas gprof ld. [binutils home]
* Bison Parser generator.
Available in print: The Bison Manual. [bison home]
* Ccide Decision table code generator. [ccide home]
* Cflow Create a graph of control flow within a program. [cflow home]
* Cim Simula compiler. [cim home]
* CLISP A Common Lisp implementation. [clisp home]
* Cobol COBOL for GCC. [cobol home]
* Complexity Analyze complexity of C functions. [complexity home]
* Config Ubiquitious config.guess and config.sub scripts. [config home]
* Coreutils Core GNU utilities (file, text, shell). [coreutils home]
* Cppi Indent C preprocessor directives to reflect nesting and more. [cppi home]
* DDD Graphical front-end for GDB and other debuggers. [ddd home]
* DejaGnu GNU software testing framework. [dejagnu home]
* DJGPP Development system and GNU utilities for DOS on x86 hardware. [djgpp home]
* EDMA Object-oriented component-based development environment. [edma home]
* Epsilon A purely functional programming language.. [epsilon home]
* Findutils Operating on files matching given criteria. [findutils home]
* GCC (cpp cppinternals gcc gccint gcj gfc-internals gfortran gnat-style gnat_rm gnat_ugn_unw libgomp libiberty libstdc++) GNU Compiler Collection.
Available in print: Using GCC: The GNU Compiler Collection Reference Manual. [gcc home]
* GNU Common Lisp A Common Lisp implementation. [gcl home]
* GDB (gdb gdbint stabs) The GNU debugger.
Available in print: Debugging with GDB: The GNU Source-Level Debugger. [gdb home]
* Gengen A parameterized-text-generator generator based on a template. [gengen home]
* Gengetopt Create parsers for command line options. [gengetopt home]
* Gforth Forth interpreter. [gforth home]
* Global Cross-environment source code tag system. [global home]
* GLUE Distributed groupware application framework. [glue home]
* GNAT Ada compiler. [gnat home]
* GNATS GNU problem report and bug management system. [gnats home]
* Gnatsweb Web interface to GNATS. [gnatsweb home]
* GNU C reference manual Reference manual for the C programming language. [gnu-c-manual home]
* GNU Cobol COBOL-to-C compiler. [gnucobol home]
* GNUlib Source files to share among distributions. [gnulib home]
* Mach Microkernel of the GNU system. [gnumach home]
* GNUprologjava (gnuprologjava) Implementation of Prolog as a Java library. [gnuprologjava home]
* GNUstep Object-oriented application development environment. [gnustep home]
* Gorm GNUstep interface designer. [gorm home]
* Gperf Perfect hash function generator. [gperf home]
* Gprolog Prolog compiler. [gprolog home]
* Greg Software testing framework. [greg home]
* Guile Scheme implementation intended especially for extensions. [guile home]
* Guile-gnome (atk clutter-glx clutter corba gconf gdk glib gnome-vfs gobject gtk libglade libgnome libgnomecanvas libgnomeui pango pangocairo) Guile interface for GTK+ programming for GNOME. [guile-gnome home]
* Guile-rpc Pure Scheme implementation for the ONC RPC standard. [guile-rpc home]
* Hello Hello, GNU world: An example GNU package. [hello home]
* Hurd The kernel servers for the GNU operating system. [hurd home]
* Idutils Identifier database utilities. [idutils home]
* Indent Code reformatter. [indent home]
* Kawa Java framework and implementation of Scheme, Elisp, and more. [kawa home]
* Kopi Java development environment for interactive database applications. [kopi home]
* Liberty-eiffel Eiffel compiler. [liberty-eiffel home]
* Libsigsegv Library for handling page faults. [libsigsegv home]
* Linux-libre 100% free redistribution of a cleaned Linux kernel. [linux-libre home]
* Lispintro Introduction to programming in Emacs Lisp.
Available in print: An Introduction to Emacs Lisp. [lispintro home]
* Make Remake files automatically.
Available in print: GNU Make. [make home]
* MARST Algol-to-C translator. [marst home]
* Mig Mach 3.0 interface generator for the Hurd. [mig home]
* MIT/GNU Scheme (mit-scheme-imail mit-scheme-ref sos mit-scheme-user) A Scheme implementation with integrated editor and debugger. [mit-scheme home]
* Pascal GNU Pascal compiler. [pascal home]
* Patch Apply differences to originals, with optional backups. [patch home]
* Pexec Execute a command in parallel on multiple hosts. [pexec home]
* Porting GCC for Dunces Guide on porting the GNU compiler to new platforms. [pgccfd home]
* Pies Program invocation and execution supervisor. [pies home]
* Pyconfigure configure interface for Python-based packages. [pyconfigure home]
* Pythonwebkit W3C DOM bindings to Webkit for use with GTK and more. [pythonwebkit home]
* Qexo Java implementation of XQuery using GNU Kawa. [qexo home]
* Rush Restricted user (login) shell. [rush home]
* Sather An object-oriented language designed to be simple, efficient, safe. [sather home]
* SCM A scheme implementation. [scm home]
* Screen Full-screen window manager providing multiple terminals. [screen home]
* Shmm Shared memory manager utility. [shmm home]
* Shtool Compilation of utility shell scripts into a shell tool. [shtool home]
* SLIB Portable library for Scheme. [slib home]
* Smalltalk (smalltalk-base smalltalk-libs smalltalk) Smalltalk environment. [smalltalk home]
* Superopt Super-optimizer of given functions. [superopt home]
* Swbis POSIX software packaging utilities. [swbis home]
* Teseq Analyze files with terminal control sequences, for debugging. [teseq home]
* Thales Unit test framework for Guile. [thales home]
* Vmgen Generic virtual machine generation, used by gforth. [vmgen home]
* Womb Repository for GNU work not intended to be separate packages. [womb home]
* Xnee Record, replay and distribute user actions under X11. [xnee home]
Software libraries
* Adns Asynchronous DNS client library and utilities. [adns home]
* Avl Binary and balanced search trees. [avl home]
* BFD Binary File Descriptor library. [bfd home]
* Cgicc C++ class library for writing CGI applications. [cgicc home]
* Classpath Core class libraries for Java. [classpath home]
* Classpathx Classpath extensions: javax.* libraries. [classpathx home]
* (u)Common C++ (u)Common C++ framework for threaded applications. [commoncpp home]
* FreeIPMI Platform management, including sensor and power monitoring. [freeipmi home]
* Gleem OpenGL Extremely Easy-to-use Manipulators. [gleem home]
* GLib Thread-safe general utility library; basis of GTK+ and GNOME. [glib home]
* GLPK GNU Linear Programming Kit, supporting the MathProg language. [glpk home]
* GnuTLS Transport layer security library. [gnutls home]
* Gsasl Simple Authentication and Security Layer library. [gsasl home]
* GNU Slip SLIP (Symmetric LIst Processor) implementation. [gslip home]
* Generic Security Service Generic Security Service library. [gss home]
* Java-getopt Java port of GNU getopt. [java-getopt home]
* Jel Java expression library and compiler. [jel home]
* GNU C Library C library. [libc home]
* Libffcall Foreign function calls from interpreters. [libffcall home]
* Libgcrypt Cryptographic function library. [libgcrypt home]
* Libiconv Character set conversion library. [libiconv home]
* Libidn Internationalized string processing library. [libidn home]
* Libjit Just-in-Time compilation library. [libjit home]
* Libmicrohttpd C library implementing an HTTP 1.1 server. [libmicrohttpd home]
* Libtool Generic shared library support tools. [libtool home]
* Libunistring C library for manipulating Unicode strings. [libunistring home]
* Lightning Library for generating assembly code at runtime. [lightning home]
* Mifluz Full text indexing library. [mifluz home]
* Nana Library for assertions, logging, performance measurement. [nana home]
* oSIP Library implementing SIP (RFC-3261). [osip home]
* Pth Portable thread library. [pth home]
* Quickthreads Thread library. [quickthreads home]
* WB Disk-based associative array B-tree database library. [wb home]
* GNUmeric Spreadsheet application. [gnumeric home]
* Oleo Spreadsheet for both terminal and graphical interfaces. [oleo home]
System administration
* Acct Standard login and process accounting utilities. [acct home]
* ddrescue Data recovery utility. [ddrescue home]
* Direvent Daemon to monitor directories for events such as file removal. [direvent home]
* Dmd Daemon managing daemons. [dmd home]
* Fdisk Low-level disk partitioning and formatting. [fdisk home]
* GNUbatch Advanced batch scheduling and job control. [gnubatch home]
* GRUB GRand Unified Boot loader. [grub home]
* GNU Source Release Collection Install latest official GNU releases from original source. [gsrc home]
* Guix Functional package manager for installed software packages and versions. [guix home]
* Mcron Run jobs at scheduled times. [mcron home]
* Mtools Access MS-DOS disks without mounting. [mtools home]
* Parallel Build and execute command lines in parallel. [parallel home]
* Parted Disk partition editor. [parted home]
* Rottlog Log rotation and management. [rottlog home]
* Serveez Framework for implementing IP-based servers. [serveez home]
* Stow Managing installed software packages. [stow home]
* Sysutils Standard system administration utilities: passwd, chsh, and more. [sysutils home]
* Time Run a command, then display its resource usage. [time home]
* UUCP UUCP protocol implementation. [uucp home]
* Which Find full path of shell commands. [which home]
* Xlogmaster GUI program for monitoring log and other files. [xlogmaster home]
* Bayonne Telephony server. [bayonne home]
* ccAudio Standalone C++ class framework for manipulating audio data. [ccaudio home]
* ccRTP Implementation of RTP (real-time transport protocol). [ccrtp home]
* ccScript C++ class framework for virtual machine execution. [ccscript home]
* GNUCOMM GNU telecommunications project. [gnucomm home]
* HaliFAX Fax support. [halifax home]
* Sipwitch Secure peer-to-peer VoIP server for the SIP protocol. [sipwitch home]
Text creation and manipulation
* Aspell Spell checker. [aspell home]
* AUCTeX Emacs environment for editing (all flavors of) TeX files. [auctex home]
* Bool Finding text and HTML files that match boolean expressions. [bool home]
* Combine Extensible file matching and filtering. [combine home]
* Diction Identifies wordy and commonly misused phrases. [diction home]
* Diffutils Comparing and merging files. [diffutils home]
* Ed Line-oriented text editor. [ed home]
* Gawk (gawkinet gawk) Text scanning and processing language. [gawk home]
* Grep Print lines matching a pattern. [grep home]
* Groff Typesetting from plain text mixed with formatting commands. [groff home]
* Help2man Automatically generate man pages from program --help. [help2man home]
* Html-info HTML-Info viewer and tools. [html-info home]
* Hyperbole Emacs hypertext system via customizable buttons. [hyperbole home]
* Less Paginator for terminals. [less home]
* M4 Macro processor. [m4 home]
* Miscfiles Data files for airport codes, zip codes, a dictionary, and more. [miscfiles home]
* Ocrad Optical character recognition based on feature extraction. [ocrad home]
* OrgaDoc Eiffel program to maintain and query documents across machines. [orgadoc home]
* Reftex Emacs support for LaTeX cross-references of all kinds. [reftex home]
* Sed Stream editor. [sed home]
* Spell Spell checking. [spell home]
* Src-highlite Produce a document with syntax highlighting from a source file. [src-highlite home]
* TeX for the Impatient Book on TeX, plain TeX, and Eplain. [teximpatient home]
* Texinfo (info-stnd info texinfo) The GNU documentation format. [texinfo home]
* Texmacs Editing platform with special features for scientists. [texmacs home]
* UnRTF Convert Rich Text Format documents to other formats. [unrtf home]
* Wdiff Word difference finder. [wdiff home]
Version control
* Bazaar Version control system supporting both distributed and centralized workflows. [bazaar home]
* CSSC File-based version control like SCCS. [cssc home]
* RCS Per-file local revision control system. [rcs home]
* Vc-dwim Version-control-agnostic ChangeLog diff and commit tool. [vc-dwim home]
* VCDImager Authoring, disassembling and analyzing (super and) video CDs. [vcdimager home]
Web authoring
* Easejs Classical object-oriented framework for JavaScript. [easejs home]
* Emacs-muse Authoring and publishing environment for Emacs. [emacs-muse home]
* GNOWSYS Distributed network-based memory and knowledge management. [gnowsys home]
* phpGrabComics Saves comic strips from the web. [grabcomics home]
* Metahtml Combining HTML and Lisp, specifically designed for Web servers. [metahtml home]
* Xmlat Simple XML for defining and implementing markup languages. [xmlat home]

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